Rolling blackouts are affecting the South African economy

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The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) says the higher stages of rolling blackouts are dealing a devastating blow to businesses and the economy.

The president of SACCI, Advocate Mthokozisi Xulu said: “It’s not possible to be productive with a partner like Eskom who just kicks into Stage 6 and even said we may go up to Stage 7 or 8 this week. So we are really devastated by the blow and just the sheer unreliability of Eskom which deals a blow to economic activity for today and the rest of the week’.

Eskom escalated rolling blackouts to stage 6 this weekend due to continued loss in generating capacity.

Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter says the grid was placed under serious pressure this week and liquidity to buy diesel is a problem, he also added that everyone should use electricity wisely.

Eskom briefS the public on its current system challenges:

President Cyril Ramaphosa will return to South Africa today after attending the funeral of British Queen Elizabeth II to address Eskom’s implementation of Stage 6 rolling blackouts.

He has cancelled plans to address the United Nations General Assembly in New York.