Actress Robin Wright takes her first turn behind a movie camera as director and star of the new drama “Land.”

Wright felt the tender story about loss and grief was something that the world needed at a time when mass shootings were on the rise two to three years ago and people were dealing with sorrow.

After a year numerous deaths from COVID-19 she feels the movie is needed even more.

“I thought what a timely piece to share right now because there was so much ugliness going on and so much encouragement to be mean with the social media and the Twitter and the administration that we had to endure for the last four years. And I just wanted to kind of go to the other end of the spectrum and make a re-reminder of human kindness,” she explained.

Mexican-American actor Demián Bichir co-stars in the film as ‘Miguel’, who helps Wright’s character adapt and survive to life ‘off the gird’ in a role which he called juicy.

“I found in Miguel a wonderful opportunity to explore different things that I haven’t tried before in any other role, is a character that is so contained and frugal in words and emotions and actions and, you know.”

The movie was filmed in 29 days in Alberta, Canada under extreme weather conditions.

“We chose to build the cabin on top of a mountain 8,000 feet up so that we could be authentically with the movie. As an audience member, you really want to go on the journey with this character and feel the nature that she is feeling herself and see the, the breath of how truly cold it was up there. Challenging, but so worth it,” said Wright.

“I literally forget about how cold it is because I’m so overwhelmed for, you know, by whatever I’m watching and experiencing,” said Bichir who called himself a topical fish.

“Land” will be released in theaters and for streaming on February 12.