Robben Island Museum overwhelmed by visits

Robben Island
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Management at Robben Island Museum says the overwhelming response to their free trips on Heritage Day to the world heritage site has been a lesson learnt for organising future events.

Scores of people people from all over the country registered for the free journey to the island.

Long queues formed at Nelson Mandela Gateway this on Monday with visitors hoping to catch a ferry, but some were turned away.

Spokesperson for the Robben Island Museum, Morongoa Ramaboa, says they apologise for the inconvenience and hope people can visit the island in the future.

“It was an overwhelming response by South Africans across the board that came and wanted to visit Robben Island Museum and they only had one day to do so. So, this is a clear indication that there is a need to open this up more. Unfortunately, per day we can only accommodate a set number of people and because of the excess number that showed up today, some of them sadly have to go back home without having visited Robben Island Museum.”

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