High traffic volumes are expected on the country’s roads as holidaymakers and pilgrims leave for their Easter holiday destinations this weekend.

Traffic is expected to start increasing from Thursday. Motorists are warned of expected congestion on the N1 to Bloemfontein, N1 to Limpopo and the N3 between Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

Con Roux of the N3 Toll Concession has appealed to motorists to exercise patience and also drive with caution.

“We are appealing to motorists above all to be patient this Easter weekend. If you are caught up in peak traffic, it’s absolutely pointless to try to speed and to try to weave in and out of the traffic in order to gain an advantage of one or two vehicles only to be confronted by thousands of vehicles in front of you. So please be patient, be cautious and drive responsibly,” says Roux.

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