Rising cost of living has negative impact on mental health

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The rising cost of fuel and food is having an impact on the mental health of South Africans.

The South African Anxiety and Depression Group (SADAG), says they have noted an increase in callers experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression, due to financial woes.

The group says they anticipate a surge in callers on their helpline following the latest fuel price hike that came into effect on Wednesday.

SADAG Operations Director, Cassey Chambers says, “SADAG has over the last couple of weeks seen more and more people calling, feeling very helpless and hopeless, dealing with added stresses and triggers with regards to the financial situation.”

“The increase in fuel prices, the knock on effect it has on their family, their household, their job, transport and just their overall well-being.”

The video below is reporting on the fuel price hike:

Frustrated community members did not mask their emotions as they described the impact of the rising cost of living on them.

“It is killing us. I went [to do my] grocery shopping yesterday [Tuesday] and I could not believe the prices of the groceries. I actually felt depressed when I left the store because of the cost of certain items that have just inflated over the past month.”

“Our salaries are still the same. So where are we going to get the money to cover all this. It is just depressing. There’s just too many things happening all at once. You know, [there’s] COVID-19, when you think you over COVID-19, the fuel price is rising. I mean, there’s just … our country is no longer the same. It is a lot to digest.”

The audio below is reporting on the story: