Right2Know calls on Ramaphosa to implement SSA panel recommendations

Thami Nkosi
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Right2Know (R2K) Campaign has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to implement all of the recommendations of the High-Level Review Panel on the State Security Agency.

In particular, R2K wants the President to scrap the Secrecy Bill as recommended by the report and for all those implicated to be named and prosecuted.

The report found that former President Jacob Zuma used the country’s intelligence services for his own political and personal interests.

“Let’s name and shame. Who are these people that are involved at the highest and even at an operational level to say how did people allow this to happen and who are these people and they must be identified, they must be prosecuted. There must be some form of steps that are taken and they must be held accountable,” says Right2Know Campaign’s Thami Nkosi.

The Right2Know Campaign has called for the establishment of a multi-disciplinary investigation team to look into the State Security Agency’s actions under the rule of Zuma.

The report had assessed the mandate, capacity and organisational integrity of the SSA.

Nkosi says the report also revealed that the agency spied on various organisations and movements including Right2Know.

“SSA went in as far as infiltrating civil society organisations, social movements, unions as well as student movements. How far did this go, what is it that they did to actually be spying on us and this for us is an opportune moment to get answers to say how did these operatives actually go about this mandate of theirs in infiltrating places like that and it’s very important because this is a direct threat to democracy. This report has far reaching implications and we can’t just leave it as it is,” says Nkosi.

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