A political analyst from the University of Botswana, Gladys Mokhawa, says the fallout between former Botswana president Ian Khama and his successor Mokgweetsi Masisi, will make the country’s upcoming general elections (on Wednesday) more interesting.

This, as it will be for the first time that the former president contests his former party at the polls.

Khama has since resigned from his party and formed Botswana Patriotic Front.

He has also endorsed the main opposition party, the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), which is a coalition of three opposition parties.

“The previous president and the current president, President Mokgweetsi Masisi, seem to have a personality clash. So, I would say there’s personalisation of politics at that particular level. The UDC, which is currently the main opposition party, now sleeping with the former president Khama… or Khama endorsing the UDC, against his former party. So, those are the dynamics that have been, I think of interest in this current political landscape,” says Mokhawa.


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