The power of prayer has been at the forefront of a big walk when Bishop Eric Pike and his wife Joyce embarked on a 200 km walk on Tuesday, through Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) as part of the city’s unique Nehemiah Prayer Route.

The Nehemiah Prayer Route touches every ward of  NMB and tells the story of the past and present role of the church in the city.

The route also has the potential to add to the tourism offerings the metro provide.

Event organiser, Trevor Jennings,  says this could contribute immensely to tourism as the church had an important role in this city’s history.

“The church played such a vital role in this city and we going to go to all the churches the significant places like St Stevens and Langa where people were shot. We going to go to Kumesh where people are staying in boxes and see how they live, every route we take has spiritual significance.”

Watch video below: