RET turned into a mere slogan: Ramaphosa

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President Cyril Ramaphosa says the term Radical Economic Transformation (RET) has been  turned into a mere slogan.

Speaking at the State Capture Commission on Thursday, Ramaphosa said the substance of transforming the socio-economic circumstances of the people is not what RET now represents.

He said it has been turned into a shield for a faction within the ANC that does wrong things.

“It became a political type of figment and labelling that then descended into people doing really wrong things and hiding behind the shield of what they now term themselves as RET forces. Which have been doing things that really go against the grain and the policy positions of the ANC,” explains Ramaphosa.

In the video below the President gives his closing remarks:

I take full responsibility

Ramaphosa says he takes full responsibility and will not run away from the choices and actions he made while he was second in charge under former President Jacob Zuma.

The President dealt with evidence relating to state security agency and defended his decision to take charge of the Ministry of State Security.

He has rejected the notion that he is amassing power in order to deal with his enemies.

On his last day giving testimony, Ramaphosa’s evidence was about what happened when he was second in charge.

Ramaphosa says his decision to remain the deputy President under Zuma in government and in the African National Congress (ANC) was intended to change the balance of forces in the party from corruption to renewal.

In the video below Prof, Barry Hanyane reflects on Ramaphosa’s testimony: