All responsible for corruption at Steinhoff should be prosecuted: Godi

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Scopa Chairperson Themba Godi says all individuals found to be responsible for corruption at Steinhoff International should be prosecuted and jailed.

This comes as Steinhoff is expected to appear before joint committee comprising Scopa, Finance as well as Public Service and Administration.

Steinhoff had a significant drop in shares following claims of dodgy accounting practices which are being investigated by German authorities.

Among those were affected by the plunging of Steinhoff shares are workers whose pension money is in the Government Employees Pension Fund through the Public Investment Corporation.

“Our position as Scopa is that definitely those who have done wrong must be brought to account in the absence of which anything that we do is meaningless. That is why we will also have the Hawks during this hearing to be able to understand what their role is, where they are and then we can keep an eye on the investigations. Certainly and definitely, it cannot be that you have this spectacular and massive collapse of Steinhoff and there is no individual who is held to account. Of course in the private sector the corrupt are given golden handshakes and then disappear into the dark shadows. But in this particular instance we would want all the individuals who are involved, no matter how old they are, they must go to jail,” elaborates Godi