Responsibility of public and private sector to encourage transformation: Lamola

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The Justice and Constitutional Development Minister Ronald Lamola says it is the responsibility of both the public and private sectors to encourage transformation in the judiciary to promote social cohesion.

Lamola was responding to the debate on his department’s budget vote in Parliament.

Concerns were raised that black lawyers and black females, in particular, find it difficult to get work.

Lamola says it’s everyone’s responsibility to change things.

“I think the challenge that we have and we have even said it in the speech, is that the private sector listed companies, unlisted companies must also come to the party. It can’t be only the responsibility of the state to brief Black attorneys and Black advocates. We are also going to engage with the Department to Public Enterprise in this regard so that our own state-owned entities are also seized with the transformation of the judiciary, – the local government area and all organs of the state. But this does not only end with the state. The private sector must also come to the party. (In) this country, – social cohesion is not only the responsibility of government. It’s the responsibility of all social partners in our country.”