As the day for Local Government Elections (LGE) approaches, residents of Qumrha in the Eastern Cape have reiterated their call to not cast their votes. This after, the Amathole District Municipality’s consistent failure to address their water and sanitation woes.

In May, SABC News reported on the plight of the residents which include water shortages, poor sanitation and lack of refuse collection.

It is a laborious effort to access water in some parts of Qumrha. The residents have been with water challenges for about a year.

On the other hand, the streets have an unbearable stench, as raw sewerage flows on the road. This has been attributed to lack of infrastructure and poor maintenance.

Residents have lost hope that their municipality would ever solve this situation.

“We are fed up. We will not vote. Who can vote whilst living and breathing in sewer?” asks one resident.

“The municipality is taking us for granted. The powers of supplying water to the community must be given to great Kei Municipality because Amathole has failed us,” says another resident.

[WARNING: Strong language] Lack of service delivery at the Amathole District Municipality: