Residents of Qumrha have little hope after elections

Great Kei Municipality logo
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Residents of the troubled Qumrha-based Great Kei Municipality have little hope that the new leaders elected on May 8 would improve governance.

They say they’ve been victims of poor service delivery, maladministration and unemployment for the past twenty five years.

The municipality was at some point placed under administration as it could not afford to pay salaries and service providers.

A small town with a population of just over 8 000. It’s likely to be one of the first results to be declared in the Amathole region of the Eastern Cape.

Qumrha residents, while despondent about the pace of service delivery, are still determined to vote.

A resident Geraldine Williams says there haven’t been any changes in her area. “There no houses and no work for our children and that is the main reason the youth in the community is corrupt.”

A resident Isaac Michelle says he has not seen any change but he will vote as his vote is his voice.

Sub-standard housing is one of the burning issues.

A resident Lettie Reiters says without sounding racist, the truth of the matter is that the Coloured community is isolated.

Some are disappointed in the performance of the municipality.

Another resident Anne Randall states that the municipality’s quality of service has diminished. She says the municipality used to be one of the cleanest with awards to show for it.

The general feeling in Qumrha is that they’ll not be holding their breath that anything would improve after May 8.