Residents in Limpopo village plunged into darkness due to cable theft

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The scourge of cable theft has left some residents without power for more than ten months at Tauetsoala, in Steeiloop in Limpopo.

A suspected syndicate continuously steals electric cables that supply power from street poles to houses since December last year.

Residents at the village have been left in darkness as a result.

One of the residents, Lettie Makhura has left her six roomed dwelling and sought accommodation in a relative’s house.

She says the darkness in her house puts her life in danger.

“I don’t have electricity in my house, it is darkness, it puts my life in danger. Criminals also broke into my house because it is always dark. Eskom people don’t care, when we tell them I’m not the only one affected by cable theft here in this village of Taueatsoala. About twelve families have been affected but other five families have their cables replaced by a contractor after paying some fees.”

The electric cable into Samuel Kwata’s house was also cut off in December last year.

Kwata has now passed on, leaving his family to contend with funeral preparations in a place that does not have power.

Family spokesperson Kgomotso Maela says, “We have got a big, big problem of electricity. Eskom must help us to fix this electricity because now most of the people are suffering. We are going to slaughter the cow. So, without electricity, the cow must (go) in the fridge and now there is no electricity…what is going to happen?”

Cable theft a concern 

There’s a need for law enforcement agencies to collaborate, especially in countries where stolen cables are sourced from South Africa.

This is according to experts who say all players should be targeted as the crime is trans-national and involves a highly structured network.

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