Residents decry political instability at Ditsobotla Municipality

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Ditsobotla residents say the coalition of political parties at the Ditsobotla Local Municipality, which collapsed a few hours after the election of the municipal executive committee on Monday, is proof that stability at the municipality is just fallacy.

Their views follow the resignation of Mayor Itumeleng Lethoko of the Patriotic Alliance (PA), who tendered her resignation a few hours after being elected. She resigned after the ANC tabled the appointment of the new Municipal Manager.

The PA says the ANC never discussed the issue with them during the coalition negotiations.

The council was held about 70 kilometres away from Ditsobotla Local Municipality. Itumeleng Lethoko who is a member of Patriotic Alliance was elected as the mayor. She was contesting the position with EFF member Emely Manana, but later in the evening Lethoko resigned as the mayor.

Residents say there are no services rendered to them in Ditsobotla.

“We are still going to have other problems for 28 years, the ANC has been in power in Ditsobotla ,nothing, no changes till today.”

Meanwhile, political parties which formed the coalition with the ANC and Patriotic Alliance, says the mayor did not even consult them before tendering her resignation.

The president of Forum 4 Service Delivery, Mbahare Kekana says they are disappointed about the stance of PA resigning without talking to them.

“We as Forum 4 Service Delivery are disappointed about the stance of PA resigning without even talking to us, however that is their right. What we cannot afford is to have another re-run. What we cannot afford is to have other by-elections in Ditsobotla. So as Forum 4 Service Delivery, we can confirm to you that a new mayor will be elected.”

While, the spokesperson of the African Heart Congress, Godfrey Maebela they were also not part of the negotiation.

“First I wish to correct the narrative that we are in agreement or we did speak with Patriotic Alliance as Kenny Kunene said on TV, concerning their withdrawal and the mayor’s resignation. We are also caught in the dark, we were not part of the negotiation or whatsoever.”

Deputy Secretary of the EFF, Justice Dabampe says they reject with contempt the attempt appointment of the acting municipal manager of Ditsobotla local municipality.

“We reject with contempt the attempt appointment of the acting municipal manager of Ditsobotla local municipality. This unilateral decision by the ANC without council is a serious contravention of the standing rules and orders of Ditsobotla, read together with structures act.

Meanwhile, Spokesperson of the ANC is Tumelo Maruping accuses the Patriotic Alliance of taking an emotional decision.

Spokesperson for the ANC is Tumelo Maruping says, “The MEC of COGTA was very clear to say the secondment was until the council get constituted. We really don’t understand what is the misunderstanding all about, however as we speak now as the ANC, we are in session with the Patriotic Alliance. We will make sure that we find one another and clarify this matter to them because it happened very fast and where we could not discuss this issue to the latter.”

However, the deputy president of Patriotic Alliance, Kenny Kunene says they will not enter into coalition talks with the ANC in the province again.

“We are not going to re-engage on this particular matter with the ANC in the North West. We wash our hands off the ANC in the North West at this particular moment. Maybe in the future, the action that we are taking now  will be able to teach them that when we say we want clean government, when we say we want to follow processes as per our discussion we are serious about that.”

A date for the special council sitting to elect the new mayor is yet to be confirmed.