Residents of Morokweng near Ganyesa in North West will have to wait a little longer for much needed houses. This is despite having been given false hope and made to believe that they would get houses in the near future after submitting applications for RDP houses with the Kagisano Molopo Municipality. However, the local municipality says the application forms were just part of a profile to determine the exact number of people in need of housing.

Residents say they were given false hope that they would be allocated houses. After submitting application forms for housing at the local municipality. But have had no word from authorities since.

” We applied for an RDP in 2011 when we first got here but we never got it. Now we applied again in 2018 but we still haven’t gotten anything. We are now using my sisters grant money to build a house,” says resident, Seiphemo Patricia Makoloboto.

“I applied for an RDP last year. Have been living in Morokweng for over 5 years but since applying for houses we don’t know what happened. We have gotten no answers regarding whether or not the houses are coming,” adds another resident, Kagiso Dikole Morokweng.

However, when confronted about the applications in question, the local municipality said this was a regrettable misunderstanding that was not meant to mislead the community but rather sought to quantify the number of households in dire need of adequate housing.

” Those forms were not meant for housing applications but rather one would say it was a feasibility study as to how many people need houses in Kagisano Molopo and we are going say those forms are there, as the municipality we have captured them. We know how many people want houses. We are waiting for Human Settlements to approach us as the municipality and talk with them as to how many houses can they allocate to us,” says the Municipal Spokesperson, Takatso Senye.

The municipality says it has been able to determine that over 9 000 households are in need of housing in the Kagisano Molopo area .