Rescue practitioners to make determination on future of post offices

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The South African Post Office rescue practitioners are finalising the business rescue plan to make a determination on the future of post offices.

Several post offices in the country are either not fully operational or have shut down due to financial problems.

Some people in Limpopo say they have been struggling to access their funds at the post offices for more than two years now.

Various communities reliant on post office services say they have been badly affected by the unreliable service at the government communication entity. Some post offices which have been serving thousands of people in remote communities are at the brink of collapse.

The once reputable service provider has now lost the trust of its customers. Selina Hlatswayo of the Rivoningo burial scheme in Shigamane village, outside Malamulele, says they have failed to get access to over R21 000 since 2019. Hlatswayo says she does not trust the post office anymore.

“Problems at post offices started during the Covid-19 period because we were not able to get our money as a burial society it inconveniences us when we prepare burial, I don’t want anything to do with post offices anymore,” she explains.

Another resident in Malamulele, Rhulani Makhubele has failed to get the money she saved for her grandchild’s needs.

“The government must make interventions because we can’t access our money. The government must assist us to get our money. So far, post offices are not fully functional some are closed, it’s inconveniencing us. Post offices must be revived to enable us to get services.”

A schoolteacher, Solani Manganyi says learners who have sent applications to tertiary institutions through the post office are struggling to get a response.

“It is very disappointing at this point in time. Some learners don’t have access to emails, but they are applying to go to tertiary institutions. They are waiting for their application forms through the post offices and now they are not getting anything.”

VBS liquidator, Anoosh Rooplal has been appointed to administer the rescue plan of the South African Post Offices. His spokesperson Louise Brugman refused to comment, saying they would comment later after publishing the rescue plan.

The South African Post Office management also shared similar sentiments as they declined to comment.