Storyteller, writer and poet Dr Gcina Mhlophe says reading is an act of love when shared between different generations.

Mhlophe has launched an audio storytelling series of children’s stories in collaboration with higher education institute, MANCOSA in Durban.

She says under the ongoing lockdown, even the elderly would find great joy in being read to.

“The thing [is] when we want information we can always get it from Grandmother Google. She does not know who you are, doesn’t particularly love you, she [Google] has got no connection with your history. When you read to your grandfather, your grandmother there’s something that happens.”

“They see the child you are developing into, they hear your voice. Remember when I said when the older person that loves you, reads to you, goes through the ear and into the heart, the same applies when you read to your grandparents. And we need to do more of that whether there’s COVID-19 or not,” adds Mhlophe.

In conversation with Gcina Mhlophe about telling stories online: