African National Congress (ANC) National Chairperson Gwede Mantashe has conceded that the removal of the party’s president from office, which happened twice, was a terrible mistake.  

He was delivering his opening remarks as he gives evidence at the State Capture Commission on Wednesday morning.  

Mantashe says the issue of removing sitting presidents causes turmoil not only in the party but also in government.  

In 2008, former President Thabo Mbeki was removed from his position.  

In 2018, former President Jacob Zuma was ordered to vacate office. 

Mantashe says these incidents should not have happened and are regrettable. 

“The removal of presidents is a matter of party organisational issues, which should be best dealt with within the confines of the party. All South African political parties operate within a caucus system in all spheres of government. And as a governing partythe ANC will endeavor to rework on this and get to differentiate between participation in a caucus or a study group which may include the participation of ministers.”

Live proceedings of the State Capture Inquiry:  

Zuma’s resignation  

Zuma officially resigned from his position as the State President of South Africa in February 2018. 

During his address to the nation announcing his resignation, Zuma said that while he felt compelled to resign, he remains committed to, and will continue to serve the ANC. 

The former president Zuma later accused the NEC of treating him unfairly by not giving him reasons for his recall. 

This follows mounting pressure from internal structures of the ANC and opposition parties calling him to step down. 

File Video: Former President Jacob Zuma speaks to SABC News on the ANC NEC’s decision to recall him: