Remedial programme reinstated to fight Hyacinth plants at Hartbeespoort Dam

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The Department of Water and Sanitation says it is currently in the process of reinstating its integrated biological remedial programme at the Hartbeespoort Dam in the North West, to combat the water Hyacinth plant species.

Large parts of the dam have once again been covered by the invasive plant species despite numerous interventions over the years.

The department’s spokesperson Wisane Mavana says the Hyacinth has spread its coverage of the dam from 5% to 45% in less than two months.

Mavana says, “The Department of Water and Sanitation is in a process to reinstate the Hartbeespoort dam integrated biological remedial program to deal with the hyacinth that has recently grown excessively after the intense rainfall and flooding at the catchments since November 2022. The program will be implemented through a newly instituted model that will incorporate more public and corporate involvement and support.”

Hyacinth invader plant threatens property market in the Hartbeespoort Dam 13 February 2022: