Relevant teams instructed to assist with oil spill in Algoa Bay

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The South African Maritime Safety Authority has initiated all relevant oil spill response teams to assist with the containment and clean-up of an oil spill in Algoa Bay.

The spill occurred on Wednesday when a Croatian flagged vessel, the MV Solin, was taking on fuel with an offshore transfer from the tanker, Sea Express.

It is estimated that at least 80 litres of heavy fuel oil entered the sea when a fuel tank on board the receiving vessel overflowed.

Oil Spill booms have been deployed and some clean-up operations have commenced.

Oil spill

In 2019, oiled penguins were found following a 400-litre spill in Algoa Bay off Port Elizabeth.

This was as a result of “bunkering”,  where ships are refuelled while still at sea.

Initially, it was thought that the spill will have no effect on marine life.

The video below is on an oil spill in Algoa Bay in 2019: