Relative calm restored in Alexandra following clashes between locals, foreign nationals

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Relative calm has been restored to the streets Alexandra township, north of Johannesburg, following violent clashes between locals and foreign nationals.

Member of the Johannesburg Mayoral Committee for Community Safety, David Tembe says law enforcement is succeeding in restoring law and order in the area.

The recent tensions come as members of the Alexandra Dudula Movement took to the streets of the township earlier this week, burning tyres and forcefully closing all shops and informal stores belonging to foreign nationals.

The movement’s members are demanding a total shutdown of all South African townships in protest against undocumented foreign nationals that they accuse of dominating jobs in the informal sector.

Video: Situation in Alexandra post Monday clashes between South Africans and foreign nationals [ 8 March 2022]

Tembe says the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) and police will remain in the township until residents are safe.

“We are still going to be there in Alexandra. I’ve been there since early this morning. Us and the South African Police will remain there until complete order has been restored. There was nothing that happened last night because we have been there. So, I think we are winning the war and order is being restored and will be maintained. We’ll remain there until such time the people of Alexandra are safe. That includes even the foreigners because that’s our job,” says Tembe.

Schools shutdown

On Tuesday, the Dudula Movement had said schooling activities will not go ahead in the area.

The group has denied being xenophobic, saying they are protecting the economy.

Some residents have been confused by the sudden flare up, saying they were under the impression that the Dudula movement was focusing on traders and not residents.

-Additional reporting by Chriselda Lewis