Regulatory process for the roll-out of the antiretroviral ring needs to start in SA: Health Department

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The National Health Department says it will start with the regulatory processes in preparation for the roll-out of the dapivirine vaginal ring in South Africa to prevent the transmission of HIV.
The department was reacting to the news that the European Medicines Agency has approved the ring as an HIV prevention tool for women.
The ring, which releases the antiretroviral Dapirvirine over a 30-day period, has been shown to reduce the chances of HIV transmission in women by 35 percent.

The agency’s approval means that the International Partnership for Microbicides can now obtain approvals for the ring to be used in countries in which it is needed the most, including South Africa.
Director of HIV Prevention Programmes in the National Health Department, Doctor Thato Chidarikire, says the regulatory process in the country needs to start.
“So what we will have to do in South Africa is to ensure that while we are waiting for prequalification from WHO as well as quality assurance processes, we need to start our regulatory processes in the country.”
“We need to start the communication so that everybody knows what is happening because once that is done, then we are able to find a way to roll out. That shouldn’t be a problem you know, trying to get regulatory approvals and so on because the clinical trials have already shown that it works,” adds Chidarikire.

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