Refugees in Cape Town still adamant they should be repatriated to another country

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Refugees living in the Cape Town Central Methodist Church are still adamant that they should be repatriated to another country other than their countries of origin.

The more than 600 refugees have been camping in the church for the past two months after they were evicted from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) premises in the Cape Town CBD.

The church says while it wants the refugees out of the church, it does not believe in forced evictions.

Leader of the group, JP Balous says the UNHCR, has the responsibility to find them an alternative country.

“They have to do their duty and take the refugees to the third country because it’s a must that they have to do that, it’s not a favour because that’s their duty, that is their task, that is their mandate to protect us who are in danger, we are still saying no matter how long it takes.”