Former Statistician-General Dr. Padi Lehotla says reducing unemployment and poverty should be a priority in order to rebuild the country.

Lehotla was the main speaker at a virtual dialogue hosted by the Kgalema Motlanthe Foundation in celebration of former President Kgalema Motlanthe’s birthday – under the theme: “A different South Africa in a different Africa: Options and pathways to greater inclusivity or more inequality.”

South Africa’s unemployment rate is currently at 30.1%.

Lehotla argues that this would be a proper way to honour the legacy of former President Nelson Mandela and other past leaders.

“We need to focus on this emerging consensus. However, racketing it might be but nailing our flags to the mast of growth of employment of reducing unemployment rate of poverty. We must be explicit around this so that we can drive South Africa forward.”

‘Co-determination system’

Former President Motlanthe says a co-determination system between business, organised labour and the State is what is needed to take the country forward.

Motlanthe explains, “Now, elements of the co-determination system provides for equal say between corporate, organised labour and the State. So they were able to form that co-determination system and which up to this day, precisely because the risks were shared and continue to be shared.”