Netball South Africa president Cecilia Molokwane says she has recovered from COVID-19 and has since tested negative for the virus.  

Molokwane was in isolation for the past two weeks after testing positive, following her return from the United Kingdom.  

She earlier spoke to the SABC and had this message for South Africans… 

“Only the negligent ones want to experience, so don’t be one of the negligent ones. Please be one of the intelligent people who learn from people like us on the pandemic because we had it and we have the experience and we know how tough it is to have this. Please stay at home. Please when the President says lockdown, let’s follow suit and lock ourselves down.” 

Coronavirus cases in South Africa has risen to 1655:

Meanwhile a Mpumalanga resident who has also recovered from the coronavirus speaks about the trauma she has suffered due to stigma…

“There were people saying you are moving around broadcasting messages on the virus. It caused so much damage not only to my company that I work for but also to myself image. It’s just not right. I felt isolated. I took all the precautions that they gave me and still they are treating me like this.” 

In the video below, COVID-19 survivor urges South Africans to adhere to the lockdown regulations set by the president Cyril Ramaphosa: