Recognising excellence

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Vodacom believes it is important to recognise the work done by South African journalists. Through the Journalist of the Year Awards, Vodacom hopes to reward those reporters who have genuinely made a difference.

From humble beginnings in 2001, these awards have grown to be the highlight for members of the media profession across the entire spectrum of media disciplines and channels. From old-school print journalists to on-camera TV presenters, and from online columnists to social media bloggers, Vodacom believes in rewarding these quiet champions of the truth. Moreover, for close to a decade now these awards have been the launching pad for some of the most promising young talent in the country, boosting their careers and encouraging them to further hone their craft.
Vodacom and the journalists attending these awards have one major thing in common: both are focused on connecting the nation by providing access to information. And just as journalists evolve towards utilising new forms of technology to deliver their message, so Vodacom, too, remains at the cutting edge of ICT technology.
Judges for this year’s competition will once again be distinguished and highly respected leaders in their respective fields, who possess both the practical and theoretical expertise necessary to decide on the best candidates for the awards. Submission, adjudication and archiving of entries to the Vodacom Journalist of the Year Awards are carried out by employing leading technological elements. Furthermore, as a company that is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and delivering a cohesive Green message, Vodacom is this year encouraging journalists to enter online, instead of printing their entries and having them couriered.

– By Vodacom Journalist of the Year – Website