Recent violent activities are an embarrassment for SA: Pandor

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International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor has described the recent violent activities in the country as an embarrassment for South Africa.

This follows attacks on mostly foreign-owned businesses in Gauteng, causing Nigeria to announce a boycott of the World Economic Forum on Africa (WEF), currently being held in Cape Town.

Speaking on the side-lines of the WEF, Pandor says leaders of other nations are raising questions over the unrest in South Africa.

“The recent violent incidents that we’ve had in our country – I think created a situation where we have to explain ourselves. Our government regrets all violence against foreign owned stores or Africans from other countries who are resident in SA.”

“We are going to do all that we can in terms of the law to ensure everyone is safe. Violence is deplorable and an embarrassment for our country and as South Africans we need to have a deeper appreciation of how the world and our continent view us as these incidents unfold,” says Pandor.

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