Rea Vaya Operating Company PioTrans appeals to the City of Johannesburg to extend its contract

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The first Rea Vaya Bus Operating Company PioTrans is appealing to the City of Johannesburg to extend its contract when it ends in the beginning of 2023.

PioTrans was given a 12-year contract to operate the Rea Vaya bus service in the city in 2011. The company was established by 290 taxi owners that were operating on some of the current Rea Vaya corridors.

PioTrans CEO Noge Mochele wants the owners to reap the full benefits of the contract as they have lost their operators’ permits and their taxis were scrapped.

“It is important that our contract be extended so that we can get the true value of the what to me is a wonderful initiative. But what you don’t want is the contract to be ended prematurely and people who gave away their licenses for this investment are left destitute.”

First Rea Vaya Bus Operating Company, PioTrans wants its contract extended when it ends: