A Northern Cape Mining Trust has partnered with the health department to roll-out health services to poor communities. The Rea Fola health promotion campaign will treat medical conditions such as HIV/Aids, Cancer and TB.

A makeshift clinic was the only health facility in the Postmasburg  village. It barely has enough working space for staff. Patients had no privacy. The introduction of the four mobile clinics will improve health services in the area.

Unemployed Puseletso Motshabeng has had eye problem for years. She is now happy that the new clinics offer eye testing services.

“I’m very happy that the health department has come to our area, to bring changes in our lives, and today we are here to tell them our problems,” said Motshabeng.

Sishen Iron Ore Community Trust  is funded by mines in the province.  Measures are in place to ensure the sustainability of the project.

“We are a community trust that relies mainly on mining and you may also know that the price of iron ore has been falling in the past few years and so that has a direct impact on our resources so at some point we had to scale down. But also that has taught us a lesson, to see how we can sustain it. In the past we have tried to go at it alone because we had confidence in our resources. But what we have done now differently is that we have taken the department with us.”

The mobile clinics will also offer services to villages within the Tsantsabane Municipality.