Rastafari United Front to picket at Sunday Times headquarters

President of the Rastafari United Front, Thau-Thau Haramanuba
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The Rastafari United Front says is it will picket at the Sunday Times headquarters in Johannesburg on Sunday to highlight the plight of the Rastafari.

This follows reports published in the newspaper last week, which questioned the work done by Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane for using former SARS law interpreter, Keletso Bizoski Manyike, as a witness for the SARS rogue unit.

President of the Rastafari United Front, Thau-Thau Haramanuba, says they are unhappy with the manner in which Manyike is being portrayed.

“We found that the article was quite distasteful – without getting into the merits of the case that is at hand about the rogue unit, but looking at the manner in which our member is being portrayed.”

“We find that the very opening line was designed to undermine and discriminate to say dope, smoking, unemployed Rastafarian – so that itself is out of the question.  Dope is drugs, not dagga, so now they are implying he is a drug user and so forth,” says Haramanuba.