RASA expresses concerns over tobacco control bill

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The Restaurants Association of South Africa (RASA) has raised concerns over the Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems and Control Bill.

The Bill is currently before Parliament for consideration.

The public comment period is closing on the 4th of August. The bill aims to, among other things, regulate the sale and advertising of tobacco products.

RASA’s CEO Wendy Alberts says, “The new law is far too ambitious to enforce. There is a cost for us to remodel our businesses once again. We would have to remove those smoking areas indoors. It means that there will be smoking and vaping in certain areas and it won’t be allowed in those non-permanent structures like balconies, decks, etc.

Alberts adds, “The key element in this is the minister has the power to decide what they want to change singlehandedly where you can and can’t smoke. So, for many small businesses it will be the final nail in the coffin.”

Tobacco sellers worried about new bill: