Rasa appeals to government to open restaurants

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The Restaurant Association of South Africa (Rasa) has again appealed for the government to allow for the sector to operate, saying millions of employees’ incomes are being negatively affected.

Rasa says it is making a submission to the government to allow restaurants to operate under Level 3 lockdown. Level 3 regulations allow restaurant kitchens to operate but for delivery and not to serve sit-down meals.

Rasa’s Chief Executive Wendy Alberts says they’re requesting for operations to go ahead, with all lockdown protocols to be followed.

Albert says, “This is now becoming ludicrous, is it discrimination against us? It feels unconstitutional – that we haven’t been consulted in the same manner to allow restaurants to open up with 50 people. And we are also appealing to our suppliers, we talk about 800 000 people that are unemployed, I can assure you today that if we call on all our extended suppliers of our business, please tell me how many people are affected, I can assure you it will be up to two million people…”

“The restaurant industry is not a small one, we are the biggest contributor of employment in SA and the tourism sector – so why is nothing being done to get us going? We can practise safe processes in this space,” added Alberts.

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What to expect under Level 3 lockdown

President Cyril Ramaphosa says all economic activity will be permitted with a few exceptions.

Businesses like hair salons and entertainment areas will remain closed as they pose a high risk of transmission.

Ramaphosa says,“Places such as restaurants, bars, taverns accept for the collection or delivery of food. Accommodation and domestic air travel accept for business travel which will be phased in on dates to be announced at conferences, events, entertainment and sporting facilities, personal care services including hairdressing and beauty services.”

How restaurants are surviving during COVID-19 lockdown:

This is what will be permitted during Level 3 of lockdown:

Some restrictions will be in place at every level of the lockdown: