Political analyst Ralph Mathekga says ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa’s January 8 statement was a reflection of what is wrong in the party.

In his speech last night to mark the ANC’s 109th anniversary, Ramaphosa said the party’s Integrity Commission would be strengthened to enable it to effectively deal with ANC members that are facing criminal charges.

He reiterated his call for those facing serious charges to voluntarily step aside until their court cases are finalised. Mathekga says Ramaphosa’s speech has an important message but it’s not clear whether party members will take it seriously.

“After listening to it I said to myself suppose there is someone out there within the ANC, a senior member who is compromised, will they change their ways after listening to this. This is where I think things matter a lot what difference will this bring. And it’s a great message, it’s a deep reflection, it’s a true reflection about where the ANC is, but at the same time, you get a sense that the President is almost desperate as well. He knows that no one is listening to him within the ANC, that’s quite a concern.”

ANC members must ensure the party wins 2021 LGE

Ramaphosa also reminded members of their responsibility to ensure that the party wins this year’s local government elections (LGE).

Ramaphosa’s address below:

Ramaphosa says party members must seek to endeavour that the ANC restores public confidence which has been eroded by allegations of corruption.

“With governance comes great responsibility,  the ANC must win public confidence by progressively meeting the needs of the people, accounting to communities deploying the most capable cadres to positions of responsibility, managing public resources, ethically and acknowledging our weaknesses. This is the message that every ANC member should take to heart in 2021. “