President Ramaphosa’s announcement on land is irresponsible: DA

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The DA has described as reckless and irresponsible President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement that the ANC has resolved to expropriate land without compensation.

On Tuesday, President Ramaphosa announced after the party’s Lekgotla that through a Parliamentary process they would finalise the proposed amendment to the constitution that would outline the conditions under which land could be expropriated without compensation.

He said farmers would also be supported as part of the Agrarian reform.

DA Chief Whip John Steenhuisen says it’s concerning that the President’s announcement completely undermines the Parliamentary process which is still underway.

He says: “Public hearings haven’t even got to the Western Cape yet. The hundreds of thousands of written submissions from South Africans across the country have not been considered. The committee has not met as a consolidated committee and even started to consider and compare notes from the various public hearings and yet the President has now made this announcement that they are going to amend the constitution anyway.”

“It renders the entire Parliamentary process completely mute and made a mockery of the public participation process,” adds Steenhuisen.

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