Ramaphosa wants analysis of bills

President Cyril Ramaphosa
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President  Cyril Ramaphosa wants a thorough analysis of the Public Audit Amendment and the Political Party Funding bills before signing them into law. This is according to Presidential spokesperson Khusela Diko, who confirmed that Ramaphosa has received the two bills.

The Bills were passed in the National Assembly in May, and sent to the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) for concurrence. The NCOP processed and subsequently passed them a few weeks ago, and sent them to the President to sign them into law.

The Public Audit Amendment Bill seeks to strengthen the power of the Auditor-General while the Political Party Funding Bill will regulate party funding.

“We can confirm that the presidency is in receipt of the two bills coming from Parliament, the Public Audit Amendment Bill as well as the Political Party Funding Bill. The President has requested a legal team in the Presidency to compile a thorough analysis of the process that has been followed, any objections, whether they have been received or not… but also to look at any advice,  to look at whether that may be coming before he assents to those bills. This process in its entirety is not expected to take longer than a month, and the President will then make a decision,” says Diko.