Ramaphosa vows ANC policy conference will bring solutions

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African National Congress (ANC) President Cyril Ramaphosa has vowed that the party’s sixth national policy conference will bring solutions and discuss and address critical issues that concern the execution of the national democratic revolution.

Ramaphosa addressed the party’s National Policy Conference in Nascrec, Johannesburg.

He says while the ANC constitution provides for the party to hold a national general council meeting 30 months into every administration’s term of office, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented this from happening.

Ramaphosa says despite the many challenges that the country is facing, the governing ANC endeavors to find solutions.

“This comrades in many ways is a defining moment for the ANC but also for the alliance and our country. In the next three days, the resolutions that we will adopt from this conference will determine the direction of our country. This conference should be seen as a place where we have a festival of ideas where the ANC lives up to its role as the leader of society by developing policies to the lived experience to shape the trajectory of our country.”


Below is ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa’s speech at the conference: 

Economic framework

Meanwhile, newly elected General Secretary of the South African Communist Party Solly Mapaila says the party should consider reversing its liberal micro-economic framework that serves the interest of big business.

Mapaila says the current economic framework is not working and needs radical change.

“Because the framework that it is in only serves the interest of big capital, which has no mandate and responsibility to the society.  Therefore, we need to re-cast ourselves and look into detail to reshape this economic framework, so that it can respond to the living conditions of our people.”