Ramaphosa to launch ILO’s Future of Work Report

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President Cyril Ramaphosa will launch the International Labour Organisation’s Future of Work Report in South Africa on Friday.

The report by the Global Commission identifies and makes recommendations to challenges faced by workers.

Ramaphosa and Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven co-chaired the Global Commission whose report was launched to the international community in January.

Enslaved and trafficked workers are a harsh reality. Recently authorities in KwaZulu-Natal rescued scores of workers from factories in Newcastle.

Apart from appalling working conditions, workers were forced to live inside the factory, sharing tiny spaces with no ventilation.  And their wages 13 cents per item in a 10 hour shift.

The violation of worker’s rights is neither unique to the textile sector nor the country, the Global Commission’s Report addresses these challenges.

It calls for among others adequate living wages, limits on hours of work and safer working conditions.

Well over 500 million jobs need to be created to address unemployment globally.

The commission makes proposals to be adopted by the labour sector and governments. It also looks at the shift towards a new technological era and a skills revolution.

Experts say the report will provide a framework for countries to formulate their strategies.

It also zooms at the prospects and challenges that come with the 4th industrial revolution where mechanised machines and robotic inventions will be used in the production of goods and provision of services.

The Global Commission takes place in Durban.