The African National Congress (ANC) president Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver the much anticipated January 8 Statement on behalf of the ANC National Executive Committee in Kimberley in the Northern Cape later on Saturday.

The Statement is part of the ANC’s 108th anniversary celebrations.

Around 25 000 party supporters and members of the general public are expecting to attend the historic event at the Tafel Lager Park Sports stadium.

Some ANC supporters say unemployment is a big concern, especially among the youth. They also expect the ANC president to touch on the issue of the economy, service delivery and of roads.

Speaking at the party’s gala dinner at the Mittah Seperepere Hall in Kimberley, on Friday night,  Ramaphosa said he’s confident that party will be united as it remains the hope of the nation.

Meanwhile, several roads around Tafel Lager stadium in Kimberley have been closed ahead of the celebration.

ANC authorities have allowed party members going to the stadium to carry umbrellas. Earlier, the party had appealed to the people not to carry umbrellas for security reasons.

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