Ramaphosa to address the 6th Financial Times Africa Summit

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President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver the opening address at the 6th Financial Times Africa Summit in London on Monday morning, which focuses on the fortunes and the future of the African continent.

The President is in the United Kingdom, as part of a bid to try and increase foreign investment in South Africa.

After arriving in the country on Sunday, President Ramaphosa wasted no time in meeting senior figures from the investment and business communities in the UK.

The summit will focus on business and investment. This year’s theme “Africa in Motion” will place a special emphasis on youth, women, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and innovation.

The President will meet investors and business leaders with a view to attracting further investment in South Africa.

With significant Chinese investment across Africa in recent decades, last year the US announced funds for $60 billion worth of investment, which many saw as a direct attempt to counter the growing influence of Beijing.

This trip is a chance to attract fresh European funding and cement the relationship with the UK – South Africa’s 6th largest trading partner, according to figures from 2017.

It might also allow the President to examine the potential impact on South Africa of the British withdraw from the European Union.

The summit is selling itself as placing a special interest on ‘fresh thinking’, encouraging so-called ‘home-made solutions’ to tackle Africa’s problems.

Ramaphosa knows that investment from abroad is crucial to helping address continuing problems in South Africa.

Report by UK correspondent John Bevir.