Ramaphosa thanks Magufuli for his country’s support in fight against apartheid

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has thanked the late Tanzanian President, John Magufuli, for his country’s support of the South African people in their fight against apartheid.

Ramaphosa was speaking during the Official State Funeral for Magufuli at Jamhuri Stadium in Dodoma, Tanzania, on Monday.

Magufuli passed away last Wednesday in a Dar es Salaam hospital at the age of 61. He is expected to be buried on Friday.

Mourners pay their respects to Tanzania’s late president John Pombe Magufuli:

Stance against corruption

The South African President also commended the late Tanzanian President for his commitment towards helping to build the African continent’s economy. He praised Magufuli for taking a stance against corruption.

“President Magufuli stood out as a warrior against corruption. He was one of the new generation of leaders on our continent who waged war on corruption and believe that leaders should work for their people and not for themselves. I also want to thank him for focusing on economic development, and focusing more of his attention on the economic development of his country and the region and the continent as well.”


Isaac Lukando gives updates on the State funeral of late Tanzanian President John Magufuli: