President Cyril Ramaphosa says 300 000 opportunities would be made available for young people to be engaged as assistants at schools as part of the government’s job-led recovery plan. He says government has committed R100 billion over the next three years to create jobs through public and social employment.

Ramaphosa says the implementation for the plan will raise growth to around three-per cent in the next ten years.

“More than 40 000 teaching posts at being secured in schools which have lost income from fees. The implementation of the employment stimulus has already commenced. Each of these work opportunities is fully funded and ready for implementation. The speed and urgency which we are expanding employment programs demonstrate our commitment those who are without work at this time.”

Ramaphosa announced that South Africa would embark on a massive public works and job-creation drive in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The President said his plan could unlock more than one-trillion-rand in investment over the next four years and create more than 800-thousand jobs.

He said modelling by the National Treasury showed that it could raise annual economic growth to an average of around three per cent over the next decade.

Ramaphosa said the infrastructure build programme would focus on schools, water and sanitation and housing, as well as ports, roads and railways.

President Cyril Ramaphosa presents the economic recovery plan in Parliament: