Ramaphosa remains steadfast in solving SA’s challenges: Sibongile Besani

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The African National Congress (ANC) Head of Presidency, Sibongile Besani, has defended President Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership, saying he has not given up on trying to solve the country’s challenges.

Besani says his defence, in a written piece, comes as some public commentators renew debates on the country’s leadership.

Besani says the President is giving attention to the numerous challenges faced by the country.

“I said in my piece that I have written that when we talk about leadership, we must look for somebody who grapples and makes efforts to find solutions to the challenges of the country. I think President Ramaphosa is doing exactly that. The issue here is that we are faced with unique problems and the public, justifiably so, would be anxious about the future. It is not about South Africans or the president giving up.”

Efforts with business leaders 

Meanwhile, President Ramaphosa and business leaders have come together again to tackle the country’s challenges.

They have joined forces to deal with the economic crisis and contributing factors like Eskom, rail, crime and corruption.

The meeting, which took place last week, comes after businesses raised concerns that the country risks becoming a failed state.

The meeting concluded with businesses agreeing to work with the government to tackle challenges.

Chairperson of the Business for SA Steering Committee, Martin Kingston, elaborates in the video below: