ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa has refused to speculate on whether there is a plot to destabilise the country. Recent events have led many to question if the party is under some sort of attack from within.

These include the burning of Parliament, the vandalizing of the Constitutional Court, the July unrest, and now an event where the lights went out during the President’s speech during the ANC Gala dinner.

Ramaphosa says he will only deal with factual and verifiable information.

“We are looking at the various dots and seeing whether the dots are connected and that is what I’m prepared to say at the moment. So we deal with Parliament event as it is, we deal with the Constitutional Court issue and we deal with a whole range of issues, including the July events and we analyse all that and that is in the process of that form of analysis and if there are any linkages and so forth, we will be able to disclose it to the people.”

Ramaphosa says he believes there was nothing sinister about the power outage during the party’s gala dinner on Friday night.

Lights went off while Ramaphosa was addressing guests at the dinner meant to raise funds as part of the ANC’s 110th-year anniversary celebrations.

Speaking to the SABC following his delivery of the January 8 statement in Polokwane, Ramaphosa said it is the power that failed.

Ramaphosa says desperate attempts unfolding in the country won’t succeed:¬†