Ramaphosa putting final touches to SONA speech

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Newly elected President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver his maiden Sate of the Nation Address Friday evening in a speech likely to focus on stimulating economic growth, fight against corruption and a call to hold hands as the country enters a different dispensation.

Ramaphosa was sworn in as President on Thursday after former President Jacob Zama’s resignation following a decision of the African National Congress (ANC) to recall him from office.

Going through the speech he did not know he would deliver, not at least until a few days ago, and putting his heads together with the Director General in the presidency, Dr. Cassius Lubisi and his chief of staff Busani Ngcaweni, the newly elected President is refining and revising the message he intends telling the nation.


Ramaphosa says he is upbeat about the country’s future. Speaking to the media on the steps of Parliament ahead of his first delivery of the State of the Nation Address later this evening.

Ramaphosa says this is a new era for the country.  He is aware of the weighty expectations from the 55 million South Africans who are now pinning their hopes on him.

While not giving much of the detail, he’s expected to focus on the economic revival, a fight against corruption and a call for working together.

Perhaps to familiarise himself with his new surroundings, he conducted a walk about inside the chambers.

And it would seem, the speech will be delivered from a teleprompter and a few rehearsals from the podium.

The stage is set; the eyes are now on him to set out the vision, especially with a fresh mandate from the ruling party.

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