President Cyril Ramaphosa has paid tribute to all those who are playing a critical role in the provision of education in the country.

Ramaphosa has officially opened the 2019 Basic Education Sector Lekgotla underway in Boksburg, East of Johannesburg.

He says he’s looking forward to a more improved quality of education in the country, moving forward.

“A tribute to more than 400 000 teachers who toil everyday, every month and every week to reach our children – the principals and parents, who support the learners in our schools. I also want to pay tribute to all the leaders in education in the 75 districts of our country, who also play a critical and vital role in the delivery of education,” says Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa says a more conducive environment should be a common thing in schools to improve learning in schools. He  has condemned the continuing acts of vandalism in schools across the country. He says if this continues – it will mean South Africa won’t have a future as many learners will have been denied access to education.

He says those who have unresolved issues with government, must refrain from using children as a tool to fight their battles. “If this continues, the law will take its course. Denying our children their right to education in the end places the future of our kids jeopardy.”