The community of Pietermaritzburg has received a world class athletic facility. President Cyril Ramaphosa officially opened the athletics stadium next to the Harry Gwala Stadium in Pietermaritzburg.

A local high school in iMbali township, outside the city, has reaped benefits for their hard work. The President has promised to build a computer resource centre, a mobile science laboratory and a library at the school.

President Ramaphosa came to congratulate teachers and learners of Siqongweni Secondary School in iMbali for doing well in their matric exams in 2018. The school, formerly known as a troublesome institution, recorded an 84% pass rate.

There was jubilation when Ramaphosa announced that the school would get these essential learning resource centres.

“What do you want? Now that you got 84%, there are three things that you want; I’m a going to make sure that you get something. Which is the most? Computer centre is a winner. So, we are going to make sure you get a computer centre. One of the most important things in life is that you must read. The president is going to make sure you get a library as well.”

From there Ramaphosa moved to hand over an athletic stadium, built adjacent to the Harry Gwala Stadium. The government spent R4.7 million to build the state of the art facility.

Sports Minister, Thokozile Xasa says the facility will also be used by schools and locals for athletic meetings and training

“This facility is a sport focus school that also assists other surrounding schools. They train here because our focus is to identify the talent. Now, we are looking in more regional sport here. We are looking at bringing in the international world into this facility, because it is internationally accredited. The President of Athletic South Africa is saying to us annually they are going to bring such events here.”

Ramaphosa says the facility must not become a while elephant. The UMsunduzi Municipality will bid for international events to be held at the new facility.

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