President Cyril Ramaphosa is due to host German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday, the talks aim to strengthen ties between South Africa and Germany.

The leaders are expected to meet at the Union Buildings in Pretoria to discuss issues of trade, migration and international matters.

Commenting on the bilateral meeting of the two countries, Economist Ian Cruickshanks says Africa has economic growth potential with international investments – including that of Germany.

Cruickshanks says, “South Africa will be encouraging Germany to increase their fixed investment in SA and they will have to make it worth their while, they will have to give some incentives. That will surely be what Merkel will say, why should we come to SA? Can you give us the assuredness of the safety of our assets.”

“This is going to be very difficult. We have social instability, massive unemployment, uncertainty regarding regulations, and when it comes to power supply, we really are not performing well,” added Cruickshanks.


— PresidencyZA (@PresidencyZA) February 5, 2020