Ramaphosa made right statements, all is needed now is action: Analyst

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Political analyst Lesiba Tefo has echoed sentiments of some South Africans that President Cyril Ramaphosa needs to back up his promises with action.

Professor Tefo says alleviating poverty, the creation of jobs and the eradication of corruption are the same promises that were made by former presidents including Nelson Mandela.

He says Ramaphosa made the right statements and all that is needed now is action.

“What is it that he must do to ensure that it is realised because it has not happened on numerous occasions, for me is meritocracy, that matters.”

“If you get rid of affirmative action which is exactly what bedevils the situation, water down the BEEs, remember all these things were meant to enable a black man to rise but we equally knew that the seed of self-destruction were inherent in them.”

“If we were to appoint people not to deploy people then you will be able to create a capable state under-pinned by ethical leadership.”

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