Ramaphosa launches Corobrick manufacturing plant in Carletonville

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President Cyril Rampahosa has launched the Corobrick Kwastina brick manufacturing plant in Carletonville, west of Johannesburg.

He has hailed the launch as a realisation and tangible fulfilment of the commitments made at the fourth South African Investment Conference in Johannesburg earlier this year.

President Ramaphosa opens Corobrick manufacturing plant:
Corobrick was amongst the many local and international companies that made investment commitments.

The annual investment conference is meant to attract around R 1.2 trillion worth of investment in the next five years.

The brick manufacturing company pledged to invest R 800 million in setting up another company, in a bid to create jobs.

Ramaphosa says he is delighted that Corobrick has lived up to its promise.

He says, “This year we held ou fourth investment conference and I said that we have to move the commitment we made at the investment conference to real projects that we can feel and touch and see.”

“We did say then we wanted to see foundations being sunk, the sound of bricks being laid and we say we wanted to see factories being built from the commitments that were and we also wanted see people being employed and here today at Kwastina, we are seeing the fulfilment the real fulfilment of the investment commitments that were made at our investment conference,” Ramaphosa adds.